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$100 Off store wide on selected Items

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$300 Off President day sale

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Free Shipping World Wide

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$10 Off Mattress

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Layla Sleep FAQ’s

Why Choose Layla Sleep?

  1. A soft mattress and firm mattress in one.

  2. into the side that feels best for you.

  3. Superior Edge support.

  4. Cooler and leaner with copper.

  5. So much support, so little Motion.

  6. Amazing comfort in all sleeping positions.

  7. Copper is why Layla is so comfortable.

  8. Helps you sleep cooler.

  9. No More Back pain.

  10.  Best Mattress ever.


How to save money at Layla sleep

Here at   RetailReduction  we have collected all the possible ways to save on Layla Sleep, this include coupons, discount deals and more general offers. You can just simply use the deal and save up to $300.


How do I use Layla sleep coupon

This is not a big deal using Layla sleep coupons, It’s so simple. Just copy the code from   RetailReduction  and paste it at checkout. And you will get a discount.


How many online Layla sleep coupons are available?

At this time 24 working coupon, deals and promo codes are available and are uploaded on R


How long does Layla sleep coupons last?

It depends on how long they are willing to accept coupons. If any product is out of stock or unavailable due to some reasons coupon code  will also not work that time too.


How often do Layla sleep release coupons  ?

It depends mostly on occasions.   Layla Sleep coupons and offers are valid and working around the year mostly but when there is an event or special occasion they release special coupons and sales on specific dates.


How much can I save using Layla sleep coupons?

 There are a lot of coupons listed here and the maximum discount you can have if your cart matches the conditions and limitations is $600.   Really you can just save your $600.


How do I get the latest Layla sleep offers and deals?

 This is not a big deal just registered at our mailing list whenever there is a s  pecial coupon or deal  is coming to you we will notify you via email.


Why is a Layla sleep better than all other mattresses?

The mattress is all about comfort. Claiming lala sleep one of the best mattresses could not be wrong, because of their customer satisfaction level. There have been over 100 satisfied customers of layla sleep comfy and fluffy mattresses. Their pleasant sleep is now habitual of this fantastic mattress and their body only demands this relaxing pad.

Will the Layla Mattress work with my existing base or foundation?

Well it only Depends on Size, Layla Sleep Mattress comes in 6 different standard sized Queen, twin xl, full, cal king, king. If your base or foundation is from one of these standard sizes, you can definitely use the same existing base or foundation for your new layla sleep mattress

What’s the Return Policy in case I don’t love the mattress?

Layla Sleep is a very kind store not only into the terms of words, but in the terms of actions too. Layla Sleep offers a 120 night money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the mattress. Every single penny will be refunded back to you including shipping.

But there is a condition, all you have to do is sleep at least 4 nights on this magic pad.

What’s the Warranty on the Layla Mattress and what does it cover?

Layla Sleep gives 100% life time warranty in order to meet the maximum level of customer satisfaction. However, their warranty covers sagging or cracks in the foam.

How long will it take to receive my new Layla Mattress?

Just  after punching your order, it took maximum 3 days for crafting the magic mattress and 3-4 days delivering to your doorstep. 7 working days is the max time you could wait.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattress is the best offering of technology used in a mattress, it uses copper infused memory foam, and individually wrapped coil system which gives you the most efficient motion isolation experience ever.

What is the Layla Hybrid Mattress made from?

Layla hybrid mattress is built using 6 layers, each layer has its own function, pocketed coils for maximum motion control, double coil perimeter for superior edge support, 14 gauge center coils and 16 gauge edge coils double raw.

How firm is the Layla Hybrid Mattress?

Layla Mattress always has something interesting for their buyers. The hybrid mattress has two sides like other mattresses but, unlike other mattresses, this one side of the hybrid mattress is firm and the other side is soft. You can flip over the mattress as per your mood.

What foams are used in the Layla Hybrid Mattress? Are they safe?

At Layla Sleep you never have to be worried about any other thing. The Foams are American made open cell polyurethane foams which are CertiPUR-US certified. All foams are certified and approved.

What is Kapok and why is it used to fill the pillow?

Kapok is basically a tree, which grows fibers. The carefully harvested Kapok fiber is used in pillows because it is super light and airy which gives you a down like and relaxed feeling.

What’s the Return Policy in case I don’t love the Layla Pillow?

Same as mattress kapok pillow also has a 120 night 100% money back guarantee.

How do I adjust the loft of the pillow?

Filing or adjusting a loft of a pillow is not a big deal. Just unzip the outer cover and inner lining, set the loft, stuff more or remove some, do whatever you want and as you like.

Can I wash the pillow?

Why to wash the whole pillow when you have an option to wash its cover. A double cover system has made it simpler to wash and quicker to dry. The inner layer cover is there for you to hold the stuffing.

Why is the Layla Weighted Blanket better than all the other weighted blankets?

The weight blanket has two different feels on either side (in classic Layla fashion). One side of the blanket is a 300 TC cotton and the other side is a plush poly/mink fabric. You can choose and flip over according to your mood.

Micro glass beads are used for filling. These glass beads are much finer, smoother, and more quiet when they are moved as compared to plastic beads.



How To Use Layla Sleep Coupons in just 3 simple Steps


1 Find the best Layla Sleep Coupon.

 There are many coupon websites offering various discount codes just like and choose the best valued offer which lies on your shopping cart’s items. Some coupons and discounts applied only on selected items and few promo codes only work when the sum of your cart reaches a specific level. Choose one that applied on your cart items.

Click on the code and you will be redirected to the store. to your shopping cart and review all items once. nce all the items you need have been added to your cart, now it is time to give a glance on your items in your cart and the price showing there in total.

Make sure to add your delivery address to be on safe side.


Check all the items and prices carefully!


3 Apply Coupon.    

Just below the shopping cart details you can see the option for “apply coupon +”


Simply paste the magic letters here and hit the apply button. The wonder will happen.